Liquidity staking is a technique used to incentivize liquidity providing to one or more AMM’s trading pairs. Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens on specific staking pools in order to receive an additional reward over the fees that they accrue from the AMM. A good percentage of the liquidity provided to AMMs today is incentivized through staking.

Impermax is a lending protocol that allows the use of LP tokens as collateral. The main limitation with Impermax was that in some cases users were forced to choose between either staking an LP token or using it on Impermax as collateral…

Indirect Liquidity Providing on QuickSwap

This week on Thursday, June 17th, Impermax will launch its Indirect Liquidity Providing service on the Polygon network supporting the Quickswap DEX.

For QuickSwap users, Impermax now brings the ability to earn yields from liquidity providing with no impermanent loss.

Impermax has already proven its usefulness on Uniswap. During the month of May 2021, Impermax paid out more than $500,000 to Indirect Liquidity Providers on Uniswap alone, and it currently offers some of the highest supply APR in the industry. The Quickswap version of Impermax promises to support many more pairs than Uniswap, and more opportunities for earning.

Simplifying Liquidity Providing On QuickSwap

Impermax also…

Increasingly, cryptocurrency investors are looking for on-chain indicators to evaluate projects. Total Value Locked, or TVL, has emerged as an important metric in evaluating the decentralized finance space. But what does TVL mean?

What Does TVL Stand For?

TVL represents the total value of cryptocurrency that is “locked”, or stored, in a DeFi application or smart contract. For most DeFi platforms, especially those related to lending or swaps, TVL is an important metric as it can directly affect the yields and usability of these applications for end users. …

It’s been about one month since the IMX token launch on April 29, and a lot has happened in the first month of IMX’s history.

Certik Audit Published

Although the Impermax core contract was complete in early April, the team chose not to release the IMX token until Certik had completed the core contract security audit and confirmed there were no major issues. As soon as this audit was complete on April 27, the team announced the IMX release date April 29.

IMX TGE And Airdrops

The IMX Token Generating Event was carried out on time and according to plan, releasing with a starting supply of 1m…

One month after the launch of the IMX Leveraged Farming program we’re excited to announce the first major update in terms of pairs and tokens supported. You can now farm IMX with 9 new pairs and 9 new tokens. In particular, we have added many of the biggest tokens in DeFi: LINK/ETH, MATIC/ETH, AAVE/ETH, COMP/ETH, CEL/ETH, SNX/ETH, YFI/ETH, CRV/ETH, ETH-2x-FLI/ETH.

Updated Liquidity Mining Rewards

Impermax has a liquidity mining program that is distributing 40% of the total supply to borrowers. Anyone who uses leverage or borrowing on Impermax will receive IMX tokens that can be claimed at any time. …

Indirect Liquidity Providing is a new approach to yield farming on automated market makers (AMMs) like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Pancakeswap. It has shown exceptionally high potential returns relative to traditional methods, it offers full protection from impermanent loss, and it offers a simple set-and-forget experience to the user. Indirect Liquidity Providing is the complete package that farmers have always wanted, and it promises to accelerate growth of the entire liquidity providing industry.

If you need a refresher on AMMs, how they generate profits for yield farmers, and the dangers of impermanent loss, it may be worthwhile to review them.

Indirect Liquidity Lets You Transfer Risk To A Borrower


Impermax’s vision is to become the market leader in financial services for liquidity providers.

With our first app release, Impermax made a strong start in unlocking the value that liquidity providers are holding on Uniswap. Upcoming releases will improve and expand Leveraged Yield Farming and other benefits across all the biggest AMM platforms and networks.

Here’s a high level view of our four-phase release planning.

Impermax lets liquidity providers borrow funds to leverage their yields, but liquidation is always possible when using leverage. Let’s look at what causes liquidation, how bad liquidation can be, and what to expect if liquidation seems to be coming closer.

Bottom line: you won’t lose all your funds.

Wider Price Ranges Are Safer

When you take a leveraged position, you choose a price range estimate for the value of the LP token you are leveraging. Higher leverage means you will have a smaller price range. Liquidation happens when the price moves outside this range. Therefore a smaller range means more risk. …

This is the announcement the Impermax community has been waiting for! The Impermax TGE (Token Generating Event) has an official date.

IMX Token Release

The IMX token is scheduled for release on Uniswap V2 Thursday April 29 at 12:00 pm UTC.

IMX Token Value Drivers

What drives value of IMX? Impermax is the only DeFi platform that allows Uniswap liquidity providers to borrow against their LP tokens and leverage their farming yields up to x20. As an Impermax user, any time there’s a surge in yields, you can increase your farming position up to x20 without adding any funds of your own. …

We are happy to introduce IMX Leveraged Farming, a 4-year liquidity mining program that will distribute IMX reward to borrowers on the Impermax protocol. Farmers will be able to leverage their farming position up to 20x, effectively multiplying their IMX reward.

IMX Leveraged Farming will be activated on the same day as TGE.

Incentivizing Leverage on LP Tokens

The Impermax protocol generates an economic incentive for liquidity providers to leverage their LP tokens by giving an IMX reward to borrowers. On Impermax the easiest way to open a large borrowing position is by leveraging LP tokens. For instance, if you have $10,000 worth of LP…

Impermax Finance

We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Tokens

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