Impermax Announces New Feature: Permissionless New Pair Creation is excited to announce its latest feature: permissionless creation of Uniswap trading pairs.

Anyone can add any Uniswap pair to Impermax

With this release, Impermax now potentially supports every LP token pair on Uniswap. If a pair exists on Uniswap, but does not exist in the current Impermax list, you can add it yourself using the Create New Pair tab.

An industry first: 30,000+ pairs now available for borrowing and leverage

This release means that all 30,000+ token pairs on Uniswap have become available to use as collateral for borrowing and for suppliers to earn interest on. Along with the ability to borrow comes the ability to leverage any ERC20 token on Uniswap. This is a first in the DeFi industry.

Ready to use in minutes

It’s a simple process to add Uniswap pair addresses and add supply. The new pair will be ready for open market use about 30 minutes after creation, since the app needs some time to process price data.

Check back here for a detailed user guide.

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