Impermax Brings Impermanent Loss Solution To Polygon’s QuickSwap

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3 min readJun 15, 2021

Indirect Liquidity Providing on QuickSwap

This week on Thursday, June 17th, Impermax will launch its Indirect Liquidity Providing service on the Polygon network supporting the Quickswap DEX.

For QuickSwap users, Impermax now brings the ability to earn yields from liquidity providing with no impermanent loss.

Impermax has already proven its usefulness on Uniswap. During the month of May 2021, Impermax paid out more than $500,000 to Indirect Liquidity Providers on Uniswap alone, and it currently offers some of the highest supply APR in the industry. The Quickswap version of Impermax promises to support many more pairs than Uniswap, and more opportunities for earning.

Simplifying Liquidity Providing On QuickSwap

Impermax also greatly simplifies the liquidity providing process. Just make a single deposit and your funds will start earning liquidity providing yield indirectly, just as if you were staking. This is a welcome feature for new providers who may not be comfortable with all the steps involved with traditional liquidity providing requirements.

Leverage Your QuickSwap Yields

Impermax also brings the ability for Quickswap liquidity providers to borrow funds to leverage their yields. Whenever there’s a surge in yields, liquidity providers can easily multiply their farming positions many times over to take advantage of increased returns.

Opportunities For Impermax Users

For current Impermax users, QuickSwap provides an easy, fast solution to Ethereum’s high network fees. Fees on Polygon are hundreds or even thousands of times lower than Ethereum’s. This makes it far easier for Impermax users to enter and exit farming positions as yields change. It also makes it easier to borrow, lend, and for anyone to add any new pairs they like to the system.

In addition to convenient network fees, QuickSwap offers some of the highest incentives for liquidity providers in the AMMs industry. LPs can earn higher trading fees from QuickSwap LP tokens than from Uniswap V2 LP tokens, and QuickSwap also offers a QUICK staking reward to incentivize LPing. Impermax’s LP token leveraging will now allow to multiply the already high returns on QuickSwap LP tokens.

Support for QUICK Staking

QUICK staking will be enabled by default on supported pairs, which means that by depositing a QuickSwap LP token on Impermax users will earn both the trading fees from QuickSwap as well as the QUICK staking reward.

QUICK staking rewards will be automatically reinvested, which means that by depositing the LP token on Impermax and leveraging it, users will see the number of LP tokens owned increase (and they won’t have to worry about claiming the QUICK rewards).

There will also be an active bounty program for reinvesting the QUICK staking reward.

About Polygon and QuickSwap

Polygon is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution designed to create an internet of connected blockchains. It’s designed to make it easy to port Ethereum-based tokens and apps directly into it, combining Ethereum’s powerful ecosystem with Polygon’s higher speed and lower fees.

QuickSwap is the biggest DEX on Polygon, with over $1.4 billion in liquidity. It’s experiencing rapid growth and is modeled on the highly successful Ethereum-based Uniswap.

About Impermax is an advanced DeFi platform that allows anyone to earn yield from liquidity providing with no impermanent loss. Using Indirect Liquidity Providing, farmers can lend funds to other farmers who use them to increase their earnings. The earnings are then shared between the lenders and borrowers.

Impermax is the only DeFi platform that effectively solves the problem of impermanent loss on decentralized exchanges, and allows borrowers to leverage their farming yields by up to 20x.

Impermax creates capital efficiencies across the DeFi industry by allowing risk-averse liquidity providers to transfer their impermanent loss risk to risk-tolerant providers for a premium.



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