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3 min readOct 1, 2021


We are pleased to announce the launch of leveraged yield farming for Swapr on Arbitrum, with 5 Swapr pairs integrated from day one!


Swapr Launches the Incentivized Pair IMX-ETH

IMX is now listed on Swapr on Arbitrum, and we’re happy to announce that IMX-ETH is one of the fifteen pairs incentivized by Swapr! You can farm that pair directly from Impermax, and earn an additional IMX reward to leverage.

SWPR-ETH Leveraged Yield Farming on Impermax

Leveraged yield farming lets farmers borrow funds to increase their LP positions on supported token pairs. With borrowed funds, farmers can increase their yields by up to 5x for SWPR-ETH. If you’re already a SWPR-ETH yield farmer, with leveraged yield farming on Impermax you will be able to multiply your APY with leverage, and in addition earn the IMX farming reward.

Along with SWPR-ETH, also other Swapr pairs are available to be leveraged on Impermax.

Indirect Liquidity Providing Allows Lower Risk

Impermax is also the first platform to offer indirect liquidity providing on Swapr, which means liquidity providers can earn yield with a single token deposit and no impermanent loss risk.

How does Impermax eliminate impermanent loss? An indirect liquidity provider is a lender. He deposits funds that are borrowed by other liquidity providers, and he earns an interest for doing so.

For instance, if you hold SWPR you can lend it on Impermax to the SWPR-ETH pair so that SWPR-ETH LP holders will be able to use it to leverage their position. The advantage of doing this is that by lending your balance will steadily grow with time, and there is virtually no risk of losing your tokens.

IMX Farming Soft Launch for Swapr Pairs

All Swapr pairs listed on Impermax will be incentivized by IMX leveraged farming. For the first time, thanks to our new farming contract, we will experiment a soft launch for farming. We will start by distributing 1,000 IMX per day to Swapr pairs, and we will gradually increase the reward over the course of a few days to arrive at 10,000 IMX per day. This approach will ensure that:

  1. High APRs for leveraging will be sustainable for a longer period of time.
  2. IMX distribution will be fairer and mainly driven by demand.

Get Started Now!

To leverage yield farm on Arbitrum, visit our web3 app:

For the basics on how to use Impermax, check out our official user guide:


Impermax aims to be DeFi’s top platform for Liquidity Providing lending services. Since its launch on Uniswap V2 in March 2021, the Impermax dapp has consistently provided the highest leveraged Liquidity Providing APYs in DeFi. Its contracts have been audited by Certik and Cyber Unit.

Impermax launched on Arbitrum in September 2021, and it’s currently expanding its ecosystem there and on other chains.

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