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3 min readApr 9, 2021 launched on Ethereum mainnet on March 1 2021. In the short time since then it’s added several new features and has steadily been growing its user base and community. When the IMX token releases in a few weeks, it will be time to start putting more time and money into marketing and really ramp up activities.

Increasing the user base

Impermax is founded on the power of its core use cases: enabling liquidity providers to leverage their yields, to let them access the value of their LP tokens, and enabling earning from AMMs with no impermanent loss. This means marketing efforts will be focused on yield farmers and other DeFi natives who are most likely to become users. Our main goal is to increase TVL (Total Value Locked) on the platform.

Investor communities

With that said, there is also value in building excitement in the crypto investing community. Impermax is already working with many investor groups that have been hosting AMAs and social media discussions. These groups are helping spread the word on Telegram and Twitter, and about 20 more groups are already lined up to start participating in the next few weeks. These groups’ members are generally sophisticated investors and can act as ambassadors to help explain the value of the platform to others.

Code audits and security

Working with investor communities has been useful for excitement, but also for learning about the most frequent questions and concerns so we can address them. One of the biggest user concerns is around security. Since the project is still quite new, users want to feel safe that their funds won’t be exposed to attacks or a possible rug pull (a situation where the developer disappears with everyone’s funds). To address these concerns, our team makes our identities public. We have also conducted several code audits by Cyberunit and Certik. The core and token contract audits by Certik will be the most comprehensive audits to date, and will be completed and shared before the IMX token launch.

Airdrop to Uniswap LPs

Simultaneous with the IMX token generating event, Impermax will make a substantial airdrop to thousands of top liquidity providers on Uniswap. This kind of airdrop was a very successful strategy when Uniswap launched its UNI token, and there are other examples of this strategy working well. In addition to creating a large marketplace of traders and users, this airdrop will potentially generate a lot of publicity and goodwill toward the project. We are currently reviewing PR partners and we plan to work with crypto industry news outlets to maximize this PR opportunity.

Partnership with DeFi Pulse

Impermax is also happy to announce we are working with DeFi Pulse, the industry’s leading DeFi information provider. Messaging about Impermax will reach DeFi Pulse users in the form of articles, social media, and banner ads. If these prove successful we will certainly increase advertising in the coming weeks.

Exchanges and liquidity for IMX

IMX will of course be available on Uniswap and other AMMs soon after launch, but we plan to bring it to the biggest and best centralized exchanges as well. Each new exchange partner will increase the base of potential buyers and put upward pressure on demand. Although we can’t announce any partnerships yet, progress is underway.

Community content

Impermax is always interested in generating more content, getting more help explaining the platform, and creating more excitement. If you’re interested in generating content and helping build the community, let us know and we’ll help find a way for you to participate. Or just start creating content on your own and share it with the community. Creators are always valued, and while we can’t always promise a direct reward, we do have funds allocated for community rewards so there’s always a possibility. Thanks for being part of the Impermax community.



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