Impermax Testnet Live on Ropsten

Impermax x Uniswap V2, the DeFi application that we’ve been working on for the past few months, is finally live on Ropsten!

Official link to Impermax Ropsten:

The application is working on the Ethereum testnet Ropsten, and it interoperates with the Ropsten version of Uniswap V2. In order to use it, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet to the Ropsten testnet. You can obtain Ropsten ETH for free to test the application to a Ropsten faucet like or

Try out high leverages in a safe environment

If you want to test high leverages on LP tokens you first will need to obtain the LP tokens by providing liquidity on the Ropsten version of Uniswap V2. You can access to it by going to and changing the Metamask network to Ropsten. After obtaining the LP token, you can go to and deposit the LP token as collateral. After you’ve done that, the Impermax application will allow you to enter in a leverage position on your LP tokens and require loans against it.

If you want to lend your tokens you will need to enter in a pair page and go to the lending section. Here, you will find the possibility to supply your tokens and earn an interest on them.

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