Impermax V2: one factory becomes unlimited factories

  • Customizable factory smart contracts for any and all pairs!
  • More efficient, faster, and more flexible interest rates!
  • Removal of initial borrow fees!
  • Introduction of liquidation fees!

What is an Impermax factory?

Moving to a multi-factory future

What’s featured in Impermax factory V2?

  • Updated interest rate model: the newest factory will feature the most up to date interest rate model with KINK_RATE_MULTIPLIER set to 2 (the same model already successfully tested on Avalanche). The parameters of this model have proven to be optimal for finding the right interest rate based on market supply and demand.
  • Removal of the borrow fee: the initial borrow fee paid on opening of a leveraged position has been removed to further incentivize leveraged yield farmers.
  • Faster incentives correction: the speed at which the interest rate adjusts itself can now be set at an even faster level in order to find the right incentives when the market dynamics rapidly change.
  • Liquidation fee: an additional protocol fee on liquidation can now be set individually for each pair. This is an additional revenue stream, which at the same time makes Impermax safer for lenders. Usually lenders are at risk during periods of high volatility which potentially lead to liquidation cascade events. Thanks to the liquidation fee, during these periods the protocol will now generate more revenues than usual. These additional revenues will compensate for the higher risk. Additionally, on higher risk pairs a higher liquidation fee can be set in order to decrease the risk for lenders.

Next steps

Planning for the worst



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