IMX Airdrop For Pre-Launch Impermax Users

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2 min readMar 8, 2021

Impermax is pleased to announce our prelaunch user distribution! We are airdropping IMX tokens to early supporters who borrow and/or supply tokens with Impermax before the IMX token launch.

  • Airdrops will be proportional to each user’s borrowed and/or supplied funds over time as measured by daily account snapshots between now and token release day.
  • The base airdrop consisted of 250,000 IMX (0.25% of fully diluted supply) Since the project has met its supply goal, his has now been DOUBLED to 500,000 IMX (0.5% of diluted supply.)
  • The airdrop will happen the same day as token launch, which is planned for April 29 2021.

$2M To Double Drop — COMPLETE

If the total amount of supplied funds on Impermax is $2,000,000 USD or higher any time before launch week, the airdrop will be DOUBLED to 500,000 IMX (0.5% of fully diluted supply.) Tell your friends!

Leverage Increases Your Borrowed Funds

If you are considering borrowing, you may also want to consider leveraging to increase your borrowed funds!

Tips And Tricks

  • Half of dropped tokens will go to borrowers and the other half to suppliers. You can use the same account for either or both.
  • There is no advantage to using multiple accounts.
  • This is separate from the planned airdrop for Uniswap liquidity providers.
  • There is no need to register or send anything. If anyone asks you to send something, beware of fraud.

Instructions To Participate and Earn IMX

  1. Go to the Impermax app at and connect your Web3 wallet such as Metamask.
  2. You’ll see a list of LP token pairs. Click an LP pair that you own. USDC/USDT is a popular choice. If your don’t own any of these pairs, go to Uniswap and provide liquidity for that pair. (If you don’t know how to provide liquidity, this youtuber has a walkthrough
Click the USDC/USDT pair on

3. Click the Borrowing tab, then find the Deposit button. Deposit your LP tokens with your wallet.

4. Click on the Leverage or the Borrow button and borrow either or both coins. You can do whatever you want with those coins until you are ready to repay them. To repay, just hit the repay button.

Note: If you don’t have LP tokens or don’t want to borrow, you can go to and supply ETH, USDC, or any of the listed coins. This will earn you IMX tokens too!



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