IMX Tokenomics Update

Protocol Owned Liquidity

  • deeper liquidity for traders
  • lower circulating supply when price decreases
  • higher treasury reserves when price increases
  • guarantee of future liquidity
  1. Convert protocol profits to ETH.
  2. Transfer ETH to the Protocol Owned Liquidity address on Ethereum.
  3. Pair ETH with the IMX from the Liquidity Reserve Fund in order to add liquidity to the IMX/ETH Uniswap V2 pair.

Optimized Staking Mechanics

Multichain Staking

  • IMX holders on Polygon can already purchase xIMX from Uniswap for a low premium. IMX holders on other chains can bridge their IMX to Polygon through cBridge and purchase xIMX there. This benefits everyone who can’t afford to pay Ethereum fees for staking.
  • The IMX/xIMX pair also creates an arbitrage opportunity. IMX stakers on Ethereum can bridge their xIMX to Polygon and sell them there for a premium. xIMX holders can also use it to provide liquidity to Uniswap and earn an additional yield on it with low impermanent loss.



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