Introducing IMX Staking

Profits Distribution to IMX Holders

How to Stake IMX

How Does it Work?

  • The main smart contract, the staking pool (or xIMX), is an ERC20 contract where users can stake and unstake their IMX. By staking they will receive a number of xIMX tokens representing their share of the staking pool. They can redeem these xIMX at any time for the underlying tokens. Whenever some IMX are sent to the staking pool they are split among all IMX stakers according to their share of the staking pool.
  • The second smart contract is the reserves distributor. This contract holds all the IMX bought back from the market and distributes these IMX to the staking pool at the distribution rate. This rate is computationally defined and set to distribute all the IMX held by the contract in 90 days. The distribution rate is updated every time the IMX balance of the contract changes. Therefore, this contract will act as a buffer that always sees an outflow of IMX that will be distributed to stakers, and an inflow of IMX bought back from the market. This property will ensure that the distribution rate will be stable with time, and that there won’t be drastic changes to it on a daily basis.

Using Chainlink Keepers



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