Introduction to IMX Leveraged Farming

Incentivizing Leverage on LP Tokens

Benefits for Lenders

Benefits for IMX Holders

IMX Farming Long Term Plan

  • 40M IMX will be distributed over 4 years as farming reward (40% of total supply), including a total of 2% of supply paid in the first month.
  • The farming reward will be decreased by 2.4% every two weeks and will reach 0 after 4 years.
IMX farming reward will decrease over the course of 4 years

Pairs Eligible for IMX Reward

  • IMX/ETH: 30% share
  • USDT/USDC: 22% share
  • ETH/USDT: 8% share
  • ETH/USDC: 8% share
  • ETH/DAI: 8% share
  • WBTC/ETH: 8% share
  • DPI/ETH: 8% share
  • UNI/ETH: 8% share

How to Start Farming

Try Farming on Ropsten Testnet




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