The Team is Expanding

Presentation letter by our new business manager (on Discord : Pareto | Impermax)

Dear IBEXes,

I am pleased to officially announce my involvement with the Impermax protocol.
I will be joining Simone and the incredible IBEX community.
I’ve been waiting for this journey to start for a couple of weeks now.
So much to say…! So much to do… Where to start?

First let me introduce myself. I’ve been in business and entrepreneurship all my life. I started quite young to manage people. At 17, I started a cleaning business — which I still run with 10 people under my supervision. At 21 years old, I became district supervisor for 12 employees at the federal Canadian 2011 census. At 25, I was CEO and founder of Cannabec, a large scale medical producer. A venture focused on production, 44 000 square feet, for the Health Canada medical cannabis program. Finally, at 29, I started a bitcoin ATM business that I sold to the largest operator in Canada, InstaCoin. It’s conservative to say that I have experience with business development, growth, management and entrepreneurship.

Earlier this year, I randomly landed on Impermax page in early April 2022, when I noticed something. Something that had the potential to turn out incredible.

I’ve foreseen some adjustments that could be made in order to level-up the traction of the current Impermax value proposition. In addition, I realized that my experience and skills set were the missing part to give this protocol a fair shot at noticeable growth.

I approached Simone, and started to indirectly interview and question him, while presenting myself, to explore the potential of such association. Quickly, it became possible.

I felt like we could ‘’make it happen’’.

Afterwards, I drafted a document to highlight the flaws, the reachable upgrades and adjustments that I thought should be made to widen the protocol’s addressable market. In a short resume, I suggested among a list of others things that:

  • We need to professionalize the UI/Website — design and display;

Obviously, the ideas are way more developed in my draft, and will be subject to review/approval.

Still, these were some of the highlights mentioned to Simone that I believe to be critical to change the faith of this protocol.

It will be a long road with failures, mistakes, adjustments and lots of small victories.

I believe that we will need one year to revamp the UI, the website and integrate additional functions, while transforming the community and stakeholders general perception. Another year to ‘’go to market’’, integrate additional market niches, secure partnerships. We need to get our machine working toward increasing the TVL and prepare for the next bull market.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Impermax proposition, our amazing and dedicated community, the current macro bear market (giving us probably 2 years before any material interest from markets participants to massively explore small coins proposal happen), Simone skill-set, my participation and a steady/smart work deployment are all the ingredients required to bring to the market a game changer adoption for Impermax (2.0).

Finally, I feel very grateful and lucky to be part of this soon-to-become epic DeFi success.

Yours, sincerely,




We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Tokens

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Impermax Finance

We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Tokens