The Team is Expanding

  • We need to professionalize the UI/Website — design and display;
  • It is mandatory to reduce the product offering exposed in the initial selection — which I judged confusing;
  • We need to introduce a Lite Version that would include only the most liquid, popular pairs, with a simplified UI — I believe it can be the key game changer in the long run;
  • We need to adopt a KISS (keep it stupid simple) approach in regard to everything users is related with (ie: overexpose easy investing solution, being able to understand in 10 seconds the page that you are lending on, comparing yields, rewards, history of pools very quickly shown, etc);
  • We should be using a part of the protocols revenues to hire additional developers to grow the coding production capacity;
  • We have to engage extensively in the stakeholders relationships;
  • We have to update frequently the community and host AMAs — being transparent and staying open to criticisms : our best innovation proposals will come from protocol users and stakeholders who are familiar with our ecosystem;
  • We should deploy a strategy to attract and KEEP people using our protocol so the revenue generation is steady and robust (spikes from new chains were enjoyable but did not last — we need sustainable capital). A pitfall in Impermax history was ‘’fly by night’’ usage. Consequently, a top priority in the long term is to deploy a strategy to retain capital. The steady cash-flow from our protocol will allow Impermax to hire additional people and at the end of the day, finance a virtuous circle of expansion.



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Impermax Finance

Impermax Finance

We're developing a DeFi ecosystem that will enable investors to leverage their LP Tokens