Webisoft onboarding: on the road to Impermax V3

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2 min readSep 18, 2023

Impermax Finance is pleased to announce the introduction of our new team member William (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/williammarchand). Being CEO of Webisoft (www.webisoft.com), a digital transformation consulting and product development company with a core expertise in blockchain, SaaS and software development, he will oversee a complete rebranding of Impermax: UI, UX, design and subsequent future upgrades.

This addition to our team aims at multiple improvements, notably: creating a whole new branding, new website and a mobile app. These new updates will meet the most cutting-edge industry standards.

Moving Forward

We can’t stress how big this announcement is for Impermax especially when combined with our march towards enabling leverage yield farming on top of concentrated liquidity.

We are now beginning a long and steady session of weekly meetings with the Webisoft team, to craft what will become the foundation of the new Impermax.

What is Impermax V3?

Improved UX and concentrated liquidity support. A sneak peak? the app will have ‘’vaults’’ & ‘’markets’’.

Vaults will be based on a ‘’set and forget’’ approach and pre-made strategies where users can simply use Impermax, without the hassles of active monitoring, deep understanding of DeFI and heavy time investment.

The first release to follow-up on this side is the well expected lending vault (aggregator). This will allow users to lend in multiple pools — while capital will move efficiently in an autonomous way.

Markets will be based on the current logic of the actual Impermax app, with a much more appealing UI/UX, several useful tools to monitor pools APR, APY, users positions, among other key features. Also, included in the long list of key additions, will be: chains agnostic landing page, dark/light mode, multiple wallets support, search, filters and more.

We believe Impermax will become ‘’the’’ tool to optimize yield on top of concentrated liquidity DEXs.

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