Today, October 24th 2021 at 10am UTC Impermax went live on Avalanche launching leveraged yield farming and IMX incentives for Pangolin’s pairs. Yield farmers on Avalanche are now able to use their Pangolin’s LPs as collateral on Impermax in order to leverage their LP positions. …

We are pleased to announce the launch of leveraged yield farming for Swapr on Arbitrum, with 5 Swapr pairs integrated from day one!


Swapr Launches the Incentivized Pair IMX-ETH

IMX is now listed on Swapr on Arbitrum, and we’re happy to announce that IMX-ETH is one of the fifteen pairs incentivized…

Impermax is pleased to announce the launch of leveraged yield farming for SushiSwap on Polygon!

Leveraged Yield Farming Allows Much Higher APYs

Leveraged yield farming lets farmers borrow funds to increase their farming positions on supported token pairs. With borrowed funds, farmers can increase their yields by 20x, and even up to 50x, depending on the LP…

Impermax is pleased to announce that leveraged yield farming is now available also on Arbitrum for SushiSwap! Users on Arbitrum will now be able to use their SushiSwap’s SLPs as collateral on Impermax in order to leverage their farming positions.

The supported SLPs include ETH-NYAN, the Arbitrum “meme token” project…

Impermax is pleased to announce that we have integrated Chainlink Keepers on Ethereum mainnet. Chainlink Keepers is a decentralized service that leverages secure and reliable off-chain computation to automate on-chain functions for smart contracts when preset conditions are met. To begin, we are leveraging Chainlink Keepers to automate staking reward…

Last month we announced that the IMX token buyback had started and that we would have distributed the protocol profits to IMX holders through a staking program. …

Profits are looking good and we have now started ongoing IMX token buybacks using only profits generated by Impermax! All IMX holders will benefit from this continuing buy pressure in both Uniswap V2 and Polygon’s QuickSwap.

Buybacks will also be implemented with upcoming releases on AMMs like BSC’s PancakeSwap.

Staking Is Coming Soon


Today, June 24th 2021, IMX token went live on Polygon enabling Impermax’s users to trade and farm it with a near zero gas fee. You can already earn the IMX reward with 8 QuickSwap’s pairs on Polygon: USDT/USDC, USDC/DAI, DAI/USDT, IMX/WETH, WETH/USDT, WETH/USDC, WETH/DAI, WBTC/WETH.

IMX Official Polygon Address:

Trade IMX on QuickSwap

Liquidity staking is a technique used to incentivize liquidity providing to one or more AMM’s trading pairs. Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens on specific staking pools in order to receive an additional reward over the fees that they accrue from the AMM. …

Indirect Liquidity Providing on QuickSwap

This week on Thursday, June 17th, Impermax will launch its Indirect Liquidity Providing service on the Polygon network supporting the Quickswap DEX.

For QuickSwap users, Impermax now brings the ability to earn yields from liquidity providing with no impermanent loss.

Impermax has already proven its usefulness on Uniswap. During the…

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