IMX Token Official Launch Announcement — TGE is April 29

This is the announcement the Impermax community has been waiting for! The Impermax TGE (Token Generating Event) has an official date.

IMX Token Release

IMX Token Value Drivers

Up to 20% of all interest payments on Impermax are collected in reserves governed solely by IMX token holders, providing a steady income stream. For more information, see the article What’s the Purpose of the IMX Token?

To learn more about how Impermax is positioned to unlock billions of dollars in LP token value, see Introduction to or visit our website Another good resource is the Impermax pitch deck.

Launch Price and Liquidity

1M IMX tokens will be provided for starting Uniswap liquidity. This is 1% of the max supply of 100M tokens. That’s a lot of liquidity!

Simultaneously with this release, Impermax will perform two airdrops. The first is for all the top liquidity providers on Uniswap. The second is for those who have used Impermax for borrowing or lending over the last 2 months.

Uniswap V2 Liquidity Provider Airdrop

The airdrop snapshot was taken 12:00 AM UTC (block 12306079) Sunday April 25. Every Uniswap user providing at least $951.56 in that block will receive the 400 IMX.

Impermax Pre-Launch User Airdrop

The final snapshot for the early user airdrop will be April 28, one day before the TGE.

IMX Leveraged Farming Begins

Farming will go live a few hours after the IMX TGE. This yield is paid only to users who borrow or leverage on the Impermax platform.

What is Leveraged Farming?

The Leveraged Farming program will pay rewards on eight token pairs, including USDC/USDT, and IMX/ETH, with more to be added as the number of pairs on Impermax increases.

Note: if you are already borrowing or leveraging on Impermax when the Leveraged Farming program goes live, you will need to manually start farming on those pairs.

See the Introduction to IMX Leveraged Farming for more details on the program and list of supported pairs.

Impermax is Planning for Uniswap V3

The Impermax design model is based on using LP tokens as collateral for loans. Uniswap V3 changes the use of LP tokens, instead using a separate NFT to represent each user’s positions. Impermax plans to use its current design model modified to incorporate NFTs instead of LP tokens.

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